Doing a Building and Construction Project?
Well, We Are Here To Help You!

Hello! Welcome to Gardner Building and Construction. The assumption is that you are here because you are planning to build your home, do some home renovations or you are looking for ideas relating to some form of building or construction project. Our greatest hope is that we will be able to satisfy your needs.

A construction project is very expensive and if one thinks too much about the expenses, it can lead to procrastination. For this reason, many individuals have become very discourage and sometimes start a project such as a house, cabin, fencing or a driveway and then gave up. Some times finding an expert who is reliable and willing to work out a reasonable payment plan is hard to find. The good news is that you have found a construction company with qualified and licensed consultants who will listen to your ideas, understand your vision and find the best solution to help you complete your propose task or building project.

Building and Construction Services

So what service are you looking for? Do not worry we have professionals in all areas relating to building and construction. As stated in our slogan “We will build it for you” is a promise we are willing to fulfill. Here are some of the services we offer:

* Property Valuation

* Architecture - house design and home building plans

* Land surveying and boundary amendments.

* Concrete construction from foundation to decking including walkway, drive way and             security walls

* Plastering and concrete molding

* Plumbing - including wall piping and plumbing problem solution

* Roofing design and construction

* Electrical piping installation and fittings

* Building consultant services including pricing and cost estimates

Do you have a piece of land that needs proper preparation before building? Do not worry we have the necessary equipment that can help solve this problem.

What about building an energy efficient home? No problem, our electricians and plumbers are trained to install any solar system you desire to have on your home or on commercial buildings. We also have a good relationship with locate Solar Companies willing to assist you with an affordable solar system.

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This is the official website of Gardner's General Building Construction and Maintenance Company located in St. James, Jamaica, West Indies. However, our services extent as far as the Eastern Caribbean, North America and Europe. Feel free to visit our about us page for more information.